This year, over 22,000 people of all ages participated in activities that celebrated music with the Garden State Philharmonic. Next year there will be even more music education, appreciation, and creation. We know that involvement with the arts is critical to a well-rounded society, and here on the Jersey Shore, the Garden State Philharmonic plays an important role in bringing quality symphonic performances to the Jersey Shore residents and visitors. You help make this happen!



Over the last five years, your donations have:

  • Supported over 800 Youth Members participating in the Youth Orchestra and Youth Chorus
  • Supported 200 Community Members participating in the GSP Chorus
  • Given over 20,000 individuals the ability to attend a concert
  • Allowed the GSP, GSPYO, GSPYC, and GSP Chorus to expand our reach to 8 counties within NJ as well as New York City and Long Island
Your gift to our annual fun provides unrestricted support to help us fund these important initiatives. Every contribution you make, regardless of the amount, will directly benefit our programs.  Please consider making your tax-deductible gift today!