USA Today’s A Community Thrives (ACT) Grant

The Music for Young People’s Program, sponsored by Kiwanis, is in the running for up to a $100,000 A Community Thrives (ACT) Grant from USA Today.

The Garden State Philharmonic’s Music for Young People; sponsored by Kiwanis, shares the power of music with more than 3,500 public and private school students through hands-on classroom demonstrations led by the Conductor and guest professional artists; live chamber ensemble assemblies, and the Young People’s Concerts uniting the professional artists and participating students in performance.

Through classroom visits and musical assemblies, young people learn about orchestral music, instruments, the science of sound, musical excerpts from the concert, concert etiquette, and the growing list of ways they can get involved in music.

Through this grant, we will be able to reach more students and have a greater impact on the future of music programs throughout the state of New Jersey!

Your action is needed to help turn this grant proposal into reality!

Voting for the ACT grant began April 12th and ends at noon on May 12th. Voting is open to legal residents of the U.S. who are 13 years or older. You can vote ONCE A DAY! Click HERE to Vote Today…and tomorrow…and the next day…you get the point.


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Private donations are needed and welcomed from individuals, civic organizations and private foundations as well. Make a donation by cash, check or credit card to the Garden State Philharmonic – you can even follow the Donate tab at the top of our home page to begin the process. Larger donations can be scheduled to be paid in equal, convenient installments. Call (732) 255-0460 to discuss how you would like your donation broken down, or click on the Donate tab on any page of our site.

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