The Garden State Philharmonic Symphony Society is dedicated to the elimination of barriers between our patrons and great music.

The Garden State Philharmonic (GSP) is fully committed to ensuring that accessibility guidelines and requirements as set forth by the federal government and state of New Jersey are implemented in as timely and efficient a manner as possible.

The GSP strives to make the arts accessible for all people with disabilities and will continue to strive to provide the utmost accessible experience possible. Through the Philharmonic’s programming and performances, we continue to reach out to and provide assistance and appropriate accommodation.

The Garden State Philharmonic trains its staff and volunteers in order to encourage superior and effective communication and the practice of effective and sensitive techniques to serve members of the community with disabilities. The GSP is also committed to exercising best practice and outreach in regards to employing persons with disabilities, both in artistic and administrative/operational areas.

The Garden State Philharmonic regularly reviews its policies and procedures to adapt, accommodate and address any issues or problems that might arise in regard to ADA compliance and will regularly assess its progress in achieving full compliance.

Accessibility features at venues hosting the GSP may vary as a result of facility construction; however, the GSP actively provides the following consistent services and facilitates additional services when requested no less than two weeks prior to attendance.


Large print programs are available at all GSP sponsored performances. Programs for most productions can be available in Braille with four weeks notification.

Sensory friendly performances are geared towards those on the autism spectrum, individuals with other sensory sensitivities and their families. These dedicated performances will contain all the joy of a typical theater setting with a few adjustments to help those in attendance feel more comfortable. This will include alterations to light and sound, a variety of seating options, an environment that will encourage movement and breaks when needed, ASL interpretation, and inclusive staff that will welcome guests from the moment they arrive. Families who do not require these accommodations are still welcome to attend.

Elevators to the second level of the Grunin Center for the Arts to the gallery and balcony are located in the Lobby across from the box office.

Please visit the box office to obtain listening device for all performances in the Grunin Center for the Arts. Requests for reservations can be made in advance by calling the GSP Office at 732-255-0460.

Seating is available for all performances for guests with special needs (including wheelchair, motorized cart, and difficulty with stairs). Please contact the GSP Office at 732-255-0460 for more information.